Selected Skate Videos 2014-2004

“I’m old now. I never want to make another skate video. No, that’s not true: I just accept that I aged out of it. It’s a young man’s game.

I started filming by, I don’t know, 15-16 – on a hi8 camera with a telephoto lens taped on backwards as to provide a pseudo fisheye effect. Years later, i’d do a similar thing – taping a wide-angle onto a small DV handycam. (note to self: find a photo of this camera and post it here as proof).

I don’t have a single master copy of any skate video – anything that wasn’t uploaded to Youtube was lost in time, and most of what was uploaded to Youtube has been taken down with copyright strikes. Mostof the full lengths have been uploaded to Vimeo and maybe you can find the shorter videos on YT still, but beyond that… i’m sure the lost stuff will eventually be found. I did find a DVD copy of Worse Places on eBay in like 2018 or something.

These ones I did everything: film, edit, etc. In almost every stationary shot you can see me somewhere in the frame, shooting stills as well. I was desperate to extract as much usable material from each session as possible – It didn’t need to be great, it just had to be usable; it didn’t need to be beautiful, it just needed to work. The point was to make weird videos and to have fun doing it.”

(2016) Strictly for my Instagram, 11:18
(2014) Erotica, 27:41
(2013) Looking Good While Riding Boards, 21:12
(2005) Dicks Have Been in Worse Places, 26:55
(2004[?]) We Run This, 25:05