Tarot Magazine

Tarot is a difficult project to explain: this magazine started in order to shift direction from what was happening with the other print projects – this was designed to be a bit more ‘complete’ and more ‘magazine-y’ as opposed to a ‘zine.’ Too many airquotes, but bear with me. This project was bankrolled by Huf and Redbull, which meant I could go after some bigger artists – issue one had features with Ren Hang, Colossus of Roads/Buz Blurr, The Rambler, Miss 17, Quentin De Briey, Dave Schubert, Mark Gonzales… we did some Art Basel-adjacent projects for a couple of years, a show in Poland… a lot of shirts and ‘things’… i’m going to have to come back to this one after I do some research. We stopped in 2016, I think – it was just too expensive to run a print magazine based in Canada but pretty much exclusively distributed in Europe.”