Call of Duty: Theory

Call of Duty: the Society of the Spectacle

“I was massively addicted to Call of Duty for most of lockdown – i’m not going to tiptoe around that. It was cutting into my thinking time a bit too much, so I started playing audiobooks for myself while playing – best of both worlds, yeah. A good way to stay sharp, of course.

I would stream this occasionally – when I wanted to get through a full book in one sitting, not that it was hard to sit for four hours. Some of these videos have been a touch ‘cleaned up’ and reuploaded to Youtube. Once lockdown was lifted, I stopped playing and deleted my Twitch account.”

“The Dérive video was made for a presentation on Situationism given online to students at ‘some art school in the Netherlands,’ a situation where the language barrier was pretty well acknowledged immediately so I tried to minimize the amount of dialog my English mouth had to spit out. I’ve probably explained what a dérive is already on one of these pages so i’ll keep it simple: you walk through the (fictional) city of Verdansk, simply looking at the buildings, trees, mountains, streets. In this ‘game,’ you avoid people (as best as possible) and instead engage with your surroundings. In this situation, however – you know that you will die at some point on this walk. It’s a certainty. Game over.”