Self-Portrait in a LED Screen

“This book contains my complete, unedited Google search history from January 1st 2021 to January 1st 2022. The work was sourced from Google’s ‘My Activity’ and searched through either an iPhone 11 or a MacBook Pro.

It bounces between work (days devoted to Danny Casolaro, JJ Angleton) to daily monotony (sports scores, addresses, my own name over and over, etc), but this literally is every single thing I searched for in a calendar year. I imagine this is pretty close to what you’d get if you looked at my NSA file.

After first review, one might ask themselves – well, why is there no porn searches? The simple answer is that googling ‘boobs’ is for middle schoolers and grown ups use another search engine for that content. Otherwise, this is a completely honest and unedited collection of everything Googled in 2021.

I consider this a complete citation of self; A perfect piece of autofiction.
Absolutely hysterical realism.”

(2022) Self-Portrait in a LED Screen, 138 pages / Surveillance Books
Out of Print