Permanent Culture

Permanent Culture is the catch-all title for ‘the big New Brunswick project.’ My hard study on the billboards and backroads of NB – from top to bottom, driving back and forth over and over again so I can be sure I haven’t missed anything. I’ve had this thought in my head for a long time and only now am I really getting to it… there’s such a hybrid style of living here, a real harsh contrast between the new developing city infrastructure and the slow erosion in the rural areas, and well – I need to document it before anything disappears, is replaced.

In my head, i’m thinking of such an incredibly image-heavy survey: a massive book, something ‘complete’ – a complete review of everything in New Brunswick. Nothing is too minor, too boring. A democratic task, yes.

In a perfect world, the feds will give me some money so I can process a ton of film. I hope so. Anyways, i’m only citing this as it’s really my only major ‘in progress’ project and i’m about to have a kid so I likely won’t be updating this for a couple of weeks, haha.’