I Did It Wrong the First Time

“I could sum this one pretty quickly. This book is filled with secondary attempts at finding ‘the right photo’ of places/things i’ve shot previously. Something to combat the psychic agony of getting home and processing film and realizing that i’ve done it wrong or I missed something important… that’s what I wanted to fix this time around.”

A lot of this work was absorbed into the Late Bloomer book – this is more of a zine, after all… something as my ‘book fair and group show’ contribution for the year. I lost track somewhere along the line – something about ‘having a baby’ ruined my brain. I don’t have anyone to blame but myself, really. Sorry if you were trying to keep up.”

(2023) I Did It Wrong the First Time, 78 pages [black and white second edition] / 52 pages [color first edition]